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October 13, 2014

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This month I’m teaming up with the lovely Tara Victoria to celebrate her birthday to give away a $255 voucher to This Is Paper, one of my absolute favourite shops. They sell a range of gorgeous home goods and accessories, including some of the most beautiful backpacks you will ever come across – I have to get my hands on one of these one day! In fact I’d buy the whole shop if I could! Tell me, what would you spend your gift card on?


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+ the giveaway will run till the 13/10 11.59 mountain time (sorry was a bit slow at getting this post up, still plenty of time to enter)
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LATELY / september

October 4, 2014


Wow these last couple of months have just flown by for me ridiculously fast, so much so that I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t really made a post since August. Since starting uni in July it feels like everything’s just up in the air and have been struggling to get into a good schedule and balance both uni and the blog. So only really now do I feel like I’m starting to get settled and on top of things … sort of.
So here’s a bit of my September, how was yours?



THINKING that I need to be more organized

ENJOYING the sun and looking forward to warmer weather

OBSESSED with smoothies at the moment and juicing, I’m constantly finding myself grabbing one on the way to uni in the mornings

TRYING to exercise more and get fitter

WISHING I had more hours and days in the week

WORKING on never ending uni assignments and designs. I don’t think my room has ever been so full of stuff, I’ve practically got a mountain of balsa wood and other materials starting to form and random props/objects lying around – No wonder I can never find anything

WONDERING how everyone else manages to keep a healthy work/life balance

FEELING a little overwhelmed with the amount on my plate at the moment but looking froward to future opportunities

WANTING to go on more adventures and discover new places




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FOCUS ON / pressed juices

September 29, 2014


I recently came across the brand Pressed Juices and am now officially hooked. With a huge variety of flavours to choose from these juices are both incredibly refreshing and nourishing. Sometimes it can be hard to get enough fruit and vegetables into our system daily, especially in the colder weather its easier to go for the comfort foods, so juicing is a great way to do so. Whether you juice at home or buy they’re still both equally beneficial. I’ve found these juices have really made me feel so much better in general, both physically and mentally, and are perfect for when you know you have a busy day ahead!


What’s especially great about these juices is they’re freshly cold pressed daily and bottled straight away with no additives or preservatives so are incredibly fresh and full of nutrients. I’m still yet to try the whole range but a couple of my favourites, pictured, are the Greens 1 for a veggie boost, Berry Glow 3 is great when your craving something a bit sweeter, and smooth balance.



If you haven’t tried pressed juices yet you can view their juice range here, and if your local be sure to check out their gorgeous stores and taste test their whole range!

Photos + Styling by Alexandra of Folk & Fest

GIVEAWAY / win a pen + touch tablet

August 7, 2014

bday giveaway p&p

I’m so excited to announce that myself and an amazing group of creatives have teamed up to celebrate the birthday of Miranti, the lovely lady behind Pen & Peplum, to give away to one of you lucky folks a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch tablet! This giveaway wouldn’t be possible without this beautiful group of people, I’m so honored to be apart of such a lovely group and for all the support and encouragement they’ve given me. So be sure to take the time to head on over to their blogs and take a look around, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

Wanna celebrate with us?

Here are the details:

+ the giveaway will run for two weeks until midnight on the 12th August 2014 (AEST).

+ to enter, simply use the widget below. Once you submit your first entry many (many!) more will pop up. You can choose to enter one or all, but more entries mean more chances of winning!

+ once the giveaway is over, a winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted for further details.

+ And yes, this giveaway is open to international readers.

Good luck!

So tell me, what would you use your Tablet for ?

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Graphic created by Alexandra of Folk & Fest

DIY / leaf stamped paper

July 23, 2014

image copy

The other week I was experimenting with some leaf stamping on paper and loved how it turned out so decided to make it into some wrapping paper, which turned out to be rather fun! I collected a few different leaves to test out and found that some gave a really nice pattern and others not so much, particularly ones that were quite smooth didn’t seem to work really well. My stand out favourite to use was these lovely ferns I found that created a really beautiful pattern on the paper.


/ What you’ll need /

- Ink pad
- Leaves
- Paper
- Tracing paper

image2 copy

image3 copy

To make simply press down one leaf at a time onto the ink pad or if it doesn’t fit you can lay your leaf on the tracing paper and brush the ink over. Then take your leaf and begin stamping on the paper creating a pattern that you like. And then your ready to use for whatever suits you.

image4 copy

image5 copy

Now this can get rather messy so I suggest using some tracing paper over the top when pressing the leaves down to avoid getting ink all over your hands, or you could use gloves but be careful not to smudge the ink onto your paper.

image6 copy

image7 copy

Photos + Styling by Alexandra of Folk & Fest


July 11, 2014


Just dropping by to share with you some of my favourite links, hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend !

ONE / Love this idea of making your own hanging chair, although not sure if it’s within my skill set but I’d like to give it ago one day
TWO / This looks delicious, I’m a sucker for anything with cinnamon really
THREE / So in love with this beautiful bedroom


FOUR / Gorgeous photos and a lovely new top from Hackwith Design
FIVE / This looks like a beautiful and fun summer party
SIX / Can’t get enough of this beautiful Scandinavian home

Also loved this gorgeous baby shower from Sarah of Smitten Studio, her backyard transformation is stunning!



July 9, 2014

latelyloving - shibori

I am really loving everything that Lisa of Hackwith Design is doing at the moment and I was over the moon when these hand dyed pieces came out in collaboration with Indigo and Snow. Each piece is hand dyed using a technique called Shibori, which is a beautiful and delicate process that originated from an ancient Japanese craft.

I particularly love the way how each piece turns out different, making it a one of a kind piece and the beautiful patterns remind me of waves and the ocean. Lisa has also started making these things called a tassletry using left over fabrics which I just love, what a great way to add a bit of colour to your wall. And if your feeling crafty I also found this Shibori kit so you can give it a go at home !

shibori 1

1 | 2 | 3

shibori 2

4 | 5 | 6

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Graphic created by myself, images via Hackwith Design House + Rebecca Atwood

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